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Happy New Year 

Our year got off to a great start in Florida. I was relaxing at home while Wayne was driving from Ohio and Herm was fighting through snow to get out of Colorado. We are thankful for safe travels for both. Friday found us performing at Lee Yoder's vacation home to a house full of old friends and relatives hosted by Randy Yoder. We reminisced with a few folks who had been at our last 1980's concert. We were just kids then. How time flies!

We were blessed by good weather as we ventured to Myakka City to play as part of the Myakka Moonlighters Concert Series. We appreciated the interest of event producer Sharyn Baxter (aka Sparky) along with her musical performance during our set break. The appreciation of the locals and the support of Herm and Vince friends was heartwarming.

Sunday morning we participated in the Unity of Sarasota service and performed afterward. We met new friends and reconnected with old, as we enjoyed a fellowship meal that followed.

Reflecting on the two previous years, we are grateful for the original energy and artwork of Paul Miller as we decided to embark on this adventure, for the management guidance of Dallas Stutzman this past year and for the new artistry and sound engineering of Wayne Weaver as we start our third year of spreading life, love and healing.



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