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Old and New

What a great weekend in Pennsylvania.  So many old friends, beginning with our hosts on Saturday night Dan and Drea Mast and the family dog named Ellie.  The beauty and quiet of the Peace Meadow and the family farm was intoxicating.  I could sit there in that company for a long time without needing anything else.  And then to have the opportunity to play for friends, both old and new, is the best.  So many folks were there who have made a difference in our lives along the way and so many new friends who we are beginning to build new friendships with.  

And then there was the gift of playing for Brenda and Ray Hurst and friends on Sunday night.  I have a long-time dear connection with them from the years when Ray was my pastor in Harrisonburg.  One of the most meaningful pastors throughout my life, mostly because of his love for NASCAR, his redneck, his easy smile and deep laugh.  The connection between our family and theirs runs deep, we lost a daughter, they lost a son.  Their son and ours were good friends during the early years.  Our son Dillon went with us to play in honor of his friend, Matt.  These moments of deep friendship where we walk together on unspeakable journeys are gifts beyond words.  

It is an honor to play songs, both old and new, for special friends, both old and new.  Thanks to our hosts, our friends, and all who came out to share those days with us.

hw  6/16/23

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