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Reflections on Ohio

Our weekend in Ohio is behind us. It was a joyful time filled with old friends, family, and some new friends.

We were in Holmes County for the first time on Friday evening. We were hosted by Sandy and Terry Burkhalter at a beautiful facility in the middle of Amish Country.

On Saturday evening we were outdoors in a park-like setting at the home of Betty and Perry Miller in Hartville. Hartville is the area where Herm and I were born and raised and “coming home” is a reflective experience. Many of our dearest and oldest friends were in attendance. The evening was filled with gratitude and encouragement.

Perhaps the most important event in our weekend was singing at the assisted living facility where our mother has chosen to live her remaining days. She is 90 years old and in hospice care. Her sight is gone and her physical ability diminished. Yet she is joyful, embracing this period in her life, and anticipating the joys following her transition to what lies beyond. We sang the old gospel songs we learned as kids whether in church or sitting around the record player. Many of the residents sang along. This experience brought perspective to making choices on how we fill our remaining days.

Next weekend we will be in Broadway and Harrisonburg Virginia. Details are on our website. Please join us if you are in or near the Shenandoah Valley.


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