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Fan Page

We love hearing from fans and collecting pictures that depict what our music is all about. Connecting with people and watching them connect with each other is part of the richness of the concerts. On this page you can read words and see photos that bring you closer to the experience.

If you would like to support our work so that we can continue singing and connecting with you, please click the button and give a donation. We are so grateful!



We enjoyed a unique gift of artistry, selflessness and an invitation into vulnerability, that, we too, might continue our own unique life evolutions ~Michael

The music is inviting and relaxing. The songs tell touching life stories of good times and tough seasons. Great entertainment and inspiration. We're fans!


As Herm and Vince sing about their lives, I find myself in the middle of their experience. Their music is about a journey that is common to all people. It is deeply expansive.

~ Ann

This is  beautiful and thoughtful music to & from the heart and soul.

Andy B

Herm and Vince combine their passion for music with an enduring friendship to create harmonies and lyrics that touch the soul. Their entertaining style, with stories of love and loss, delights audiences and opens space for memories and reflection.

Evanna and Dan

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