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I'm Still Here

Good Morning all of you out there in Herm and Vince Land. Hope it’s a good morning for all of you. A little over a month ago we were playing in Minneapolis and the boys leaned on me to play one of my Chloe songs called I’m Still Here. We hadn’t done the song before but as it turns out the first place we did it a guy came to me afterwards wanting to talk about it. He had also lost a daughter a few years earlier. It was a deep and grateful moment for both of us.

I’m Still Here is one of those songs that Chloe gave me. I was working on a different song the day it came and somehow got overtaken and before I knew it this song was in my heart and on my computer. It has brought me comfort and joy over the past few years even though I never played it for anyone. I got up this morning and just gave it one shot on my phone in the wee morning hours and recorded a snippet of it for you. Pardon the bad hair day. Perhaps somewhere along the way we can play it for you and you can sing along. Happy Monday.

hw 5/1/23

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