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The weather is ideal here in sunny Sarasota, FL and everyone is visiting! We love spring here in our backyard. We have three wood duck boxes on our waterway and they are all occupied with hens incubating there eggs.The most popular box had several hens laying in it and the picture below shows the massive clutch.

We keep tabs on the timing and often get to witness the little ones jumping into the unknown world. It takes courage to venture out and experience new things, we can get stuck in the "same old same old" routine. For my wife Christy and I, chickens have helped us stay in the moment and experience newness. Our three just started laying eggs and keep us entertained.

Whatever it may be for you, spring is a good time to start something new!

This month we will be sharing our music albums on the website. Starting today you can go to our music page click on an album and listen to it in its entirety.


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