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Love Saves Lives

At our concerts, Herm likes to announce that I am the oldest member of the group. It's true. I'm 67, single, living alone, and although it's not perfect, I love my life. This summer I moved beyond my father's age when he passed. My mother is 90 and in hospice care. A recent study concluded that single men living alone die years earlier than their married counterparts. The book Younger Next Year, which I read recently, has a solution. Connection. Statistics show that those who are connected to a caring family structure, a spiritual group, or a cause larger than themselves have extended lives. Or in my case, a music group. I watch Herm and Vince navigate the richness and challenges of their marriages. I'm amid the precious unity and all the diversity that comes with being a tight-knit group of friends who are also a band. I love these guys and what we do. So according to statistics, Herm and Vince are extending my life. They certainly fill it with richness and love.

Love saves lives.

We're continuing to work on our new album. It’s exciting. Stay tuned!


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