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November Reflections

One of the things that I have loved about the past months is having the opportunity of seeing so many old friends. The music is so fun and I am so grateful for it, but for me, the people are better. Without them the music wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful. Thanks to all who have come out to share the love and the fun. Hesston was so special. The place where Vince and I met, our dorm rooms were beside each other in C Mod! We didn’t know each other before we got there but he could hear me banging on my guitar and I learned of his prowess on the keyboard. We became friends. In those early days, we sang and played in our rooms for the love of it and for the fun and for our friends. In these days we sing and play for the love of it and for the fun and for our friends. Not much has changed. We are still friends, life long friends even though there was roughly a 40 year break in the middle. He knows my heart, I know his, he knows my joy and my sorrow, I know his. That is part of the depth and beauty that shows up when we play. Can’t wait for Sarasota on January 8th. Come join us!


Making music has always been a way for me to emotionally express myself, something that doesn’t come easily to me in everyday life. When Herm reached out and invited me to his music retreat in February 2020 (when we didn’t know what we know now) I had stepped away from music. In fact, I had gone back to school to reinvent myself and hadn’t played an instrument in over 5 years. Success in the music business is not an easy accomplishment. I gave it all I had with the release of Vin Lamar in 2008, but financial success did not come. Thank you, Herm for bringing music back into my life, and with it the joy of emotional expression. I know now that financial success is not a reason to do what you love, you do what you love regardless. It has been a wonderful year of travel, revisiting places, reconnecting with friends, and meeting so many new ones. The beauty of playing music with Herm is that when we are in a song, everything else drops away, we are in the moment, FEELING, and with the wonderful people we are playing for who listen and feel with us, it has been magical. Thanks for taking part in our journey, and we hope to see you soon.


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