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Sunny Sarasota Florida...So Far So Great

Sunny Sarasota Florida!

Herm and I had a fantastic weekend in Sunny Sarasota, Florida this past month! We played the trifecta of events, a house party, an outdoor concert, and a worship service.

We would like to thank Leroy Yoder for the use of his Florida home and Randy Yoder for being a very gracious host!

We would also like to thank Linford and Mary Etta King for sponsoring our outdoor concert at Covenant Mennonite's beautiful 5 acres. They also invited us to share our songs during the worship service on Sunday morning, which was very meaningful to us.

We would also like to thank Dan Mast for joining us in a round of golf, the first in over 40 years. It was a site to behold!

A big thank you to Paul and Patricia Miller for helping us get our (actually Paul's) banner set up, attending to the souvenir table and getting the word out with road sign ads and flyers.

It was so nice to see friends we haven't seen in years and to meet new people. We are already excited about our return next January.

Vince 1/28/2022

So Far So Great

In a few weeks Vince and I will attend a weekend of playing music with our friends in the Rocky Mountains. What a gift. It is called Music Among Friends and is all about friendship and fun. Music is just the vehicle. Sort of like a golf weekend for duffers except we have musical instruments and sing. Two years ago, in February, we both attended a previous edition of this event, and it is there that our friend Paul was adamant that we must begin playing music together again. After 40+ years we agreed. The first year, 2020, was filled with exchanging songs and recording tracks and getting to know each other again just a wee bit. In 2021 we began what we called our “Roots Tour” going back to the places where we spent time playing along the way. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, Kansas, and Arizona. As I remember the faces of the people at the stops along the way I remember kindness, reunions, laughter, tears and singing and playing like we’d never ever stopped. It was a deep gift that goes beyond words. We are currently working on new music and scheduling for 2022. It is more fun than two people should be allowed to have. So Grateful. If you’d like to talk to us about playing in your town don’t hesitate to be in touch with either of us. We are planning to return to the places we played last year and are currently exploring possible concerts in a few additional states and Canada. You can find contact info for Vince and I on our website, we welcome your contact.

In a few weeks, Vince and I will attend a weekend of playing music with our friends in the Rocky Mountains. What a gift. Can’t wait!!

hw 1/28/2022

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