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I’ve been working on two new songs this week. Both from Vince’s past musical work. First is a cover of "What a Wonderful World" that he recorded in Nashville. It stretches me a bit but I love being stretched and resonate so deeply with the message of the song. I think I played it 100 times last week, literally. My fingers are slow learners. The second song is a Vinny original connected with 9/11 called "Love Speaks." It touches me deeply. It brought tears as I remembered 9/11, the actual day, and my experience with my students on that day as we tried to process and make some sense out of what had just happened. We will do both songs at our Powell Home Concert in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. Learning new stuff brings me life. Grateful. I wonder what you are learning these days and what brings you life. Herm

(photo credit: Jim Bishop)


Same and Different

I first met Herm on the campus of Hesston College in 1977 amidst very like-minded people. When we parted ways nearly four years later our lives took different paths. When we reunited in February of 2020, I was amazed at how much we had still had in common, everything had changed, yet deep inside we were still the same. Perhaps by keeping in mind these three things, we can be different and still the same.

Forgive yourself and others every day, live and learn.

Keep your heart open to that positive life force we call love.

Find a way to have fun in everything you do, keep the music playing in your life. Vince

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